Josephine Galvin

Going Downhill

‘Town please’, Lisa offered her five-pound note to the bus driver. He didn’t meet her eye; they didn’t tend to anymore, except possibly to question why this professional-looking woman in her smart red coat and leather gloves used public transport so repeatedly. Not that long ago a couple of familiar drivers would let her off […]

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Natasha Kerry Smith

Waiting for Liz’s Honda

  His wife’s hospital room was calm now, and the visitors knew not to visit. Not yet, anyway. He turned to face Greta’s bed. The fresh daffodils he’d put in the vase a few days prior had started to wilt, and the speckled petals looked a lot like her papery skin. The white walls had […]

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Rosie Garland

As a child you had a recurring dream where you took our feet off the ground and flew

  All night, I keep watch; breathe in on his outbreath, drawing his air into my body. He stares blankly, focussed on a point above our heads. I stroke his ear, but he doesn’t react. Maybe he sleeps with his eyes open. All of them, including the hundreds in his wings. I pad to the […]

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