Andrew Cowan

Worthless Men

After one long winter dredging the waterways for Meek’s Steam Navigation Company, and a second short summer hauling ice …

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Rachel Cusk


Gerda Fuchs owned the guesthouse at the highest point of the village of Zander.

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Nick Holdstock

The False River

Number of this bus: the 6838, which starts in L.A. and runs to Sacramento.

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James Robison


I try to sleep on Miriam’s silk divan, can’t, and walk far in a snowstorm to some 24 hour porn booth …

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Kirsty Gunn


My sister Ailsa didn’t talk much. She didn’t want to. It was because she listened instead, and she watched.

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Claire Powell

Rich Jim

Karen starts it. ‘Tell you who’s got loads of money,’ she says, ‘that Jim. Hasn’t he, Des? Bloody minted he is.’

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