Éamon Little

Poillíneascannaí & The Junction

  Trí báis atá ƒerr bethaid: bás iach, bás muicce méithe, bás foglada. Three deaths better than life: the death of a salmon, the death of a fat pig and the death of a robber.                                           […]

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Patrick Joyce

Going to my father’s house: a history of my times

 Chapter 9, Passages: Industrial Jerusalem                                             the cotton clouds, those white ones                                             into which without a word the breath                                             of legions of human beings had been absorbed.                                                                           W. G. Sebald, After Nature                     Map 1, Ordnance Survey map, Gorton, Lancs ,CW12,1935      Lines. In this Ordnance […]

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Adam Wyeth

Adam Wyeth Interview with Colette Bryce

I corresponded with Colette in the summer and autumn months of 2018, amid the publication of her Selected Poems. She was based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne at the time, and our emails covered many of the highlights from her distinguished publishing career. Bryce is Derry-born and was a recipient of the Eric Gregory Award. Her poetry has […]

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Chris Cusack

The Glummest Rook

The Glummest Rook Chris Cusack i. In June 2013, I spent a miserable four weeks as a visiting scholar in Maynooth, Ireland. In an academic sense, it was pretty great, but I was quite severely depressed, even if I still didn’t want to admit it. This was my second stint at the college, after six […]

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Jamie McKendrick

Naming Names: Ideas of Address in Catullus and Others

                                                                We are poor passing facts                                     […]

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