Jamie Alcock

Swansea, 2015

The friggin’ gabba’s going dubbadubbadubbadubbadubba and the whole front room’s jumping, I really should reclaim my decks; this is not the vibe. ‘Right boy, listen, this is it so far. Yew listening?’           ‘Yup,’ he shouts.           ‘Right, listen; In this town of crescent moon day breaks too soon casts shadows too sharp for my memory She […]

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Joe Davies

The Thickness of Dust

It was a strange room, hung with tapestries no one knew the meaning of, symbols, pictograms of all sorts. The colour red figured prominently. Music played quietly in the background, incongruous music, slightly manic, but which no one was listening to anyway. It was there to carry the dips in conversation, of which there happened […]

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Liza Costello

Colette Went Quiet

Colette called the day I moved into my apartment, just as I had finished wiping down the last of the kitchen cupboards. The phone startled me when it buzzed awake. I had already spoken to my mother and knew it could not be her.           ‘Hullo stranger,’ she said, her voice carefully light.           ‘Colette,’ I said. […]

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Ben Paynter

It Hasn’t Started Yet

05:16. He wakes abnormally. There’s no light. His name is Martin Purchance. There is light: a green glow from his alarm-clock. It announces a time: 5:16.           He doesn’t need to wake yet. Not until 7:00. 06:55. Why has he woken now? One reason: the article deadline, today at 10:00. He thinks about it.           The piece […]

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Jane Feaver

Disco Feeling-kin

Nina woke to find him half on top of her, his heavy arm all that was keeping her from falling out of bed. There was a fleck of spittle vibrating on his lip, his face cracked into the pillow like a child’s. She was breathing through her mouth. His pores exuded the fermented sweet and […]

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Robert Perron

What About India?

          At the start of the work day, Marsha felt fine. Perky in fact, coffee pushed aside, eyes on screen, fingers on keyboard. She’d found a bug and posted a problem report, priority 2 in her opinion. A chat box from Randy, the senior development engineer, appeared.           – hi marsha priority 3 not a functional problem […]

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Tom Vowler

The Twice Drowned Woman

He watched from an upstairs window as she entered the water. It was one of the few not boarded up, this side beyond reach of even the most competent stone-thrower. The room itself was empty these days, save the rocking chair, where on occasion he’d observe the cycle of the Atlantic as it pitched and […]

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Douglas W. Milliken


All the way from his house in the hills down through the river valley, Richard hacked and pointed his directions while beside him I listened and got us where we wanted to be. The streetlights were off but some passing cars had their headlamps on. Just south of town where the river widens and skinny […]

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