Deborah Mantle

Lost and Found

          Millions of people passed through the stations of Greater Tokyo every day. In the to and fro of daily life, it wasn’t surprising that things got lost. And when a person noticed they’d misplaced something belonging to them, they would, logically, head to the Lost and Found Office.           Genichi Ogawa worked in the Lost and […]

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Jesse Falzoi

The Good People from the West

The Wall had been down for three years when I first talked to somebody from the former GDR, not in Germany but in the community room of a hostel in Truckee, where I was waiting for a phone call from the police. My rental car had been stolen – and with it, my money, passport, […]

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James Heath

The Fashion Fit

Ray felt a hand on his shoulder and looked behind him.           ‘What are you drinking?’ asked Mr. Hudson.           ‘I just had a coffee while I was waiting.’           Mr. Hudson addressed the barman. ‘Sim, another coffee. Large Scotch for me.’ He turned and headed over to a table without inviting Ray to follow. Ray took his […]

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Tom Jenks


Stanley is up early cutting the rhubarb. He uses the heavy knife with the weathered handle. He curses when a stalk is stubborn, or the knife cuts his thumb instead of the rhubarb. He invokes our saviour and all the saints. He puts the rhubarb in the big pan with the lost lid. Some is […]

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Ely Percy


Thir’s this new lassie in oor Regi class an she’s a pure mad gothic chick. Her name’s Frieda but she likes gettin cawed Friday, an she’s always wearin black eye liner an bright white foundation an a big mad leather trenchcoat.           Aw the folk in oor class are sayin she looks lik a witch. She […]

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