Lamorna Elmer

Out in the Yard

Out in the Yard

The terrible elephant paws at the ground
like a new, drunk kitty.
But it’s normal to be thrown out of parties, I say.
Just don’t outstay your welcome.
But what’s a caprioska without lime?

We make similar mistakes, the elephant and I.
We play good cop bad cop in the afternoons.
I wear a fake trunk and Instagram us.
The first time he did the questionnaire
he circled Occasionally for everything.
By the fifth time I had him admitting
he avoids social situations 1-2 times a week,
and ticking I am inherently flawed and defective;
In the end, I will be alone.
There are always tax returns to file.
There are always deep wells to scream down.
I’m attracted to the coldest place on earth, Elephant.
I don’t think you’ll get to go.











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