Karen Wheatcroft

Three Poems

An Economic Value sonnet (with no Volta) for Joseph Beuys

to tallow-cream slabs of animal fat.   to moulded chalks & life-sized stacks
of felt.   to a reconciliation with brown.   to kerosene burns, honey, horse-hair
roughs.   to blankets soothed by blanket-stitch & the gentle invitation
for body.     to everything the colour of Crimean steppes
without the disaster of shot.      to the healing way
of gold.          to coyote-talk, sulphur, leather,     crash,     to open-cage
conversation.        to blackboards     & wolf            to an organic inevitability
& cure.          to hospital straps, hammers, the axe        to a wooden Ukranian sled
with fixed measure of humped lanolin flax.       to matters of blood, planes,
equations, horn. to a unisex sling & felting belt.     to wool.      to altruism.
to wax.       to all linings       of iron parts who embody (and care for) the upper
conceptuals.      to consecutive nights in the corset for life-sized hare
& 8 perfect hours in a backrest (for a fine-limbed person) in a field.
to all the hare-types of the world        & to the blessing     thereof


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