Joey Connolly

Three Poems

On Latterly Overcoming Last October’s Loss

for Rosa Tomalin

Laugh out loud, oh lover of levity, our
lingering optimism lightens our load.
Observe, lover, our lashings of luxurious
ornament: lilac oil, Lebanese ocarinas,
legumes, oriental lanterns, oranges,
lemons or limes; O listful of lissom,
obdurate, lifely objects, lighting opulently
like old-fashioned lamp-posts onto
liveries of limbic obsidian; like object
layered onto looser object. Listen:

our love of life ornaments life.

Oh! Lots of love! Outrageous levies on
last October’s loss! Outspoken lauding of
linguistic observation! Lavish objections
looming over lazy ontologies! Let others
languish over lost opportunities: let’s
overturn long outstanding limitations.
Our lovely organic laudanum obliterates
longings, or lessens our lisping
objections, or leastwise outlaws languor.
Oh listing Occident, lapse outwards.

Lux. Omnia. Laeto.



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