Jannine Horsford

Three Poems

Two Views of Exmouth

The girl at the bottom of Phillips Street.
She sees me. She draws up
as if shot by an arrow
then crosses, brittle
with her own poison.

That classmate – if I
am critical of that example
of Brit. Literature,
it’s because
I’ve “missed something”.

And the lecturer
cross-legged, bespectacled
pronouncing as solemn as gospel:
“people will laugh at you.”

Plus the few black faces,
                    caught in glimpses
on the High Street. How they small up
themselves; how they empty their eyes
of fire.

That morning
the swarm of boys, clustered
on the pavement, the ball disintegrating
long enough for coarse voices
to shout
to the olive one among them:
Look! Another nigger!

But, nevermind:

When you go shopping in Exmouth, be prepared
for a unique experience, focused
around fair trade and local sourcing

of products. There’s Exeter Road and Albion Hill
offering a huge range of independent traders
selling almost everything
you can think of.

The Magnolia Centre and the Parade
mix well-known High Street brands
with local independent stores, including
butchers, greengrocers, bakers,
fashion shops and
music shops.

Around the recently re-developed
Strand area is Exmouth’s Café Quarter,
with a range of restaurants, coffee shops,
bars and other food and drink outlets. However,
here too you will find art shops,
a traditional fish-mongers and lots
more shops to spend time browsing
for bargains and curios.

And don’t forget to visit the award-
winning Exmouth Indoor Market,
with 50 stalls under one roof
with a whole variety of local
produce, products and
gift ideas!


(Words in italics adapted from www.exmouth-guide.co.uk)



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