Helen Tookey

Two Poems And A Sequence

Rheidol Valley


Within a semicircle on the isolated hill.
By the seashore between the estuaries.
The monument. Excavated. Defended.
A high bank with stone ramparts and ditches.
The natural slope of the ground. The entrance.
To the south-east, and at each corner holes. Into the solid rock.
Great posts to hold the gates, strengthen the turn of the wall.
The stone facing. Along the inside of the wall. Close against two sides.
In the extreme south-east there is no sign.
They continued to live their old lives. A straighter line over the hill.
Often very beautiful. Cut out of the solid rock.
Above Taliesin foxgloves and wild roses. It is not known.
The remains of a causeway. Three miles upstream from the north.
Almost hidden by moss. Straight on through a pinewood. Much more luminous.
A steep climb. A lovely way up. Yellow gorse and young green bracken.
Half an acre of bluebells like a sheet of water.
The real way is uncertain again.
Obvious once you know where to look. The lower hillside track.
Copper mines. The precipices. Flat green meadows. The abbey.
Sometimes fringed with yellow irises.
Pale green on the black of its surface.





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