Jodie Kim

Our New Site

Welcome to the new home of The Manchester Review. If you have yet to read John McAuliffe’s editorial for MR9, he discusses what the transition means for us and what we hope the new site will mean to our readers:

As we move to this newly designed site, we are keen to maintain the onscreen integrity of the poems and prose we publish, but we also want to increase access to that material, so we have introduced a more interactive approach to the work’s presentation. We hope you enjoy the work in this issue and that you will use these links to help us to get the work out to fellow readers as well as returning to our new site for news of events, podcasts and readings, and reviews of new work.

The Blog section of the site will highlight some of our archived material, offer insight into the writerly lives of our contributors, and announce events at The Centre for New Writing. It is also where we will address questions or feedback for the editorial team. If you would like to communicate with us, you are welcome to join the conversation on our Facebook and twitter, but please understand that as much as we would like to, we are unable to respond to everyone.

We are still fine-tuning and moving over content from our old site, but overall we are–as the saying goes, I’m told–chuffed. We would like to thank our designer Marius Lobontiu for his part in bringing this new site into fruition. We would also like to thank students and staff of The Centre for New Writing for their continued support of The Manchester Review as well as our contributors and readers from around the world.


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