Matthew Welton

Three Poems


Nerys Harris blows through a drinking straw into a
basin of bubble bath mixture. The drizzle wrinkles
Dustin Mostyn’s writing paper. Mayflies get into the
maple syrup.

Angus Mingus tips his chair backwards. Natalie
Chatterley aims the spraycan at a lighted match. Hank
Strunk’s beer sours. Audrey Chaudri unwraps the
clingfilm from her hands.

As she wallows through the shallows, Ruth Reith
imagines that between technology and technique there
is technically no distinction.

Fog fades away like forgiveness, says Bradley Ridley.
A grid of weeds grows through the gaps between the
slabs. Natalie Chatterley’s bathwater spills over. Lola
Wheeler leaves the caps off her felt-tip pens.


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