Matthew Welton

Three Poems

Poems from Squid Squad


As she walks in a widening circle, Lola Wheeler leaves
a spiral of footprints in the snow. Bradley Ridley feeds
the chickens the chestnuts. Hank Strunk drums on an
upturned bucket.

Any metaphor is a metaphor for the idea of metaphor,
Natalie Chatterley mutters. Chaffinches chew at the
chocolate sultanas. The hum of the hand drier
harmonises with the hum of the electric lights.

Lola Wheeler hopscotches across the tarmac. Bradley
Ridley’s beachball won’t blow up. From the
woodpeckers’ perspective perspective means nothing,
Hank Strunk says.

The midges move like smudges. Natalie Chatterley
weighs out her walnuts again. Knowing knowing gets
us nowhere gets us nowhere, thinks Hank Strunk. Lola
Wheeler skips ahead.


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