Ian Fitzgerald

Commercial Interests

Commercial Interests

The trolley beds are covered right down to their wheels.
They’re comfortable. What a great idea having these
at work. The other workers watch us
through the glass as we talk while holding hands.

Is this what I really want? Well maybe.
I’ve only known her a few months but she seems
really caring. She’s not her job or a magazine cutout.
I’ll see. I’m not desperate anymore.
I’ve learned how to be alone and happy.

The rest of the morning seems to go quickly.
I’ve talked to five clients by one o’clock.
Lunch is light. We’re going out for a meal
tonight. Because of my meeting with the boss
of Hugo Boss, we’ll have lots to talk about.

The meeting goes very well. It lasts about an hour.
I debrief in the shower with Sheldon my boss.
He soaps up and I hose him down.
I envy him slightly; he’s as slim as I used to be.

He’s impressed with my slogans, my figures
even more, so this seems a good time to ask.
Yes, I can leave early,
but will I start early tomorrow or leave late?

He turns his water off and so do I. He begins with his chest
and I begin with mine. Then we dry each other’s backs.
Finished. Towels spread on each bench,
we sit in silence for a while holding hands.


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