Sarah Corbett

Two Poems

(E Major) And she was                             Grist to his mill And he was                             Grit to her pearl And she was                             Salve to his burn And he was                             Soil to her furrow And she was                             Touch to [...]

Chris Andrews

Three Poems

The Jennifer Arthur last seen at a posh college dealing ironically: first to go. The Peter who wore out his supports and said, while I tried not to fidget, “They’ll share their words of wisdom, even give you money, but time? Not so much.” Louise who discovered a talent for big and dirty simulations. Paula [...]

Robert Cremins

The Lady Captain’s Prize

Seán and Deirdre were in their sixties now. He’d taken early retirement from the bank and she no longer gave piano lessons, though she went out to golf with such regularity that an elderly neighbour, Mrs Furlong, could not be dissuaded that Deirdre Brennan had a job. They were still Mass-goers, but now went to [...]

Anne Marie Kennedy


Because time is an unfathomable thing I can’t tell you how long I’ve been here, basting in shame, under the mother’s eaves for eight or maybe ten days? I am six or seven again and beholding to her. I know not to give cheek nor answer back. Monday to Thursday it’s the dry end of [...]

Peter Sansom


       ‘Here the heart May give a useful lesson to the head’        – William Cowper, The Task, Book VI, ll85-86 Horsehair. In the 70s in a one-up-one-down shared with George (upstairs), who ironed his curly hair straight and favoured the cravat of Edward Fox in The Day of the Jackal. Back- to-back on the [...]

Current Issue

Ian Pople

R.F.Langley Complete Poems Carcanet, £12.99, reviewed by Ian Pople

R.F.Langley Complete Poems Carcanet, £12.99 This volume is a Complete Poems in the sense that Elizabeth Bishop published her Complete Poems in 1969: these are the poems which Roger Langley completed for publication.  This volume is also similar to Bishop’s book in that it is full of poems which seem both perfected and perfect. Perhaps [...]

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The Manchester Review

La Mélancolie Des Dragons, HOME – by Fran Slater

Aging rockers hiding in a trailer, a headbanging competition in a broken down car, floating wigs, ski slopes and fake snow, a bubble machine, and some strangely impressive and multifunctional inflatables. In an extremely bizarre way, La Mélancolie Des Dragons kind of had it all. In other ways, this almost insane mix of components, along [...]

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The Manchester Review

Dark Arteries, The Lowry – by Elizabeth Mitchell

Rambert, ‘Dark Arteries,’ ‘The Three Dancers,’ ‘Terra Incognito’ Wednesday 30th September, 2015 A word of warning: ever since I saw Mark Baldwin’s ‘Eternal Light’ aged 15, I have dreamt of being in the Rambert. There was just something about the so cleverly choreographed and very balletic Contemporary dance, with the huge side of emotion from [...]

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The Manchester Review

So Here We Are, The Royal Exchange – by Şima İmşir Parker

So Here We Are, dir. Steven Atkinson, The Royal Exchange Pidge (Sam Melvin), Pugh (Mark Weinman) and Smudge (Dorian Jerome Simpson) are sitting on a container representing a Southend sea wall, trying to remember who wrote Peter Pan. Is it Walt Disney or Barry someone? Or perhaps Walter Barry? This is right after the funeral [...]

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